seeing through you

cause i've been on the road, thinking lots about how we carry things. and, cause sometimes, too clever is just enough.

leather cases by natalia brili
via reborn


design in a bag

images via DIAB

design in a bag is a great, pared down design consult. created by designer rebekah zaveloff and her partner, john nichols, it offers 'recipes' for your kitchen and bath remodels. organized by style categories, you select from ready-made packages of finish and paint samples. they send you a bag of goodies; paint swatches, counter, floor and cabinet samples, an architectural rendering of your finished space and a buying guide. it's genius!

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do not pass 'go'

this morning i read monopoly by connie wanek.
we used to play monopoly, and it never ended with laughter. i always wanted to be the shoe. my legs cramped up before i owned a single piece of property and i thought the chance cards were cruel. i was not good at throwing money around, seizing up real estate, or getting out of jail. i'm sure that my brother remembers this all very differently.

i found these vintage game sets. the british WWII version is incredible--apologizing and explaining it's substitutions.  i haven't played monopoly in years. apparently, the new games have an electronic element, increased luxury taxes and credit cards---yeah, great idea. i think i'd rather play on one of these sets.

original 1935 monopoly set

 WWII british game

c 1945 handmade australian game

all images via early monopoly



via nytimes

patti smith in a ball gown merits a saturday post. as if that's not enough, she showed up to the new york times interview wearing a pair of boots gifted by johnny depp. he wore them as the mad hatter in alice in wonderland. double yes!!


my favorite tick

all via antique vintage european textiles, one of the few places to buy reasonably priced french ticking.

los angeles has officially decided to leave winter behind. spring here is like someone else's summer. the sunlight is incredible and hangs on long after dinner is over.  this change reminds me of a different time in my life, living in a very different city. i want to open all the windows, soak my laundry in verbena and reupholster everything in french linen.  okay, i'm not gonna reupholster everything.  maybe one chair.... maybe.


wall of wonder

photos and quotes via livingetc

i'm still hunting ideas for walls and displays and came across this bit of wonder. it's an installation by martin cottis in the entry hall of jamie theakston's london townhouse. theakston calls the walls stacked "heath robinson-esque boxes of curiosities," where each display has a simple trick. some light up, some spin, some turn. it's curiously wonderful.